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Slumber Time CBD Sleep Gummies

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Formulated with Delta 9 + CBN  - making it our most effective and powerful CBD Sleep Gummy in our line-up. 

These delicious gummies are crafted with a premium blend of cannabinoids, creating the perfect remedy for uninterrupted sleep!  If you severely struggle with falling asleep at night, then this gummy is the perfect solution for you!

  • We know what it is like to live with back-to-back restless nights, and that is why we crafted Slumber Time. It contains the trifecta of potent cannabinoids:
    • CBN "The Sleepy Cannabinoid"
    • Delta 9 hemp-derived THC
    • Full-Spectrum CBD

CBN induces sleep and when combined with full-spectrum Delta 9, they provide the ultimate anxiety relief, promote relaxation, and set the stage for a restful night's sleep.

Each gummy contains 15mg of CBN + 10mg Delta 9 THC. Our Slumber Time Gummies can become a reliable part of your nightly routine. A nightly dose can help alleviate insomnia, reduce anxiety, and manage pain simultaneously.

30 Gummies per bottle
100% Organic

Active Ingredients

Care Instructions

Store in a cool environment.

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