SB CBD Pet Tincture – 500mg/1000 mg

  • 500mg/1000mg
  • 1.7 oz/3.4 oz bottle
  • Organic, cold pressed, hempseed oil, Full Spectrum
  • Works wonders for animals suffering from pain or anxiety
  • 500mg is great for small dogs & 1000mg is great for large dogs!
  • Lab tested

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SB CBD Pet Tincture – 500mg/1000 mg


  • Third Party Lab tested for quality and safety
  • Made in Santa Barbara, CA
  • Veterinarian Formulated specifically for pets
  • Full spectrum Hemp Extract

Ingredients: Organic Cold-Pressed Hemp Seed Oil, Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract


  • All natural ingredients
  • Vegan friendly

Is There A Difference Between CBD For Humans & CBD for Pets?

Even though both ourselves and our pets have endocannabinoid systems that can benefit from CBD, their dietary systems vary significantly from ours. Additionally, they are much smaller than us, meaning they require less CBD than humans on a whole. CBD products formulated for pets take these important factors into play, along with flavoring. Admittedly, humans prefer fruity or natural flavors over beef and salmon, popular flavors used in many pet treats.

What Is The Best CBD Dog Tincture?

The best CBD products for your pet are likely entirely different than CBD pet products others found effective for their pets. This is true for the same species, and even for the same breeds. Just as humans are unique, so too are our pets special, each in their own way. At CBDComfortZone, we have done the important job of filtering out inferior and unacceptable CBD pet products, so you can be certain that whichever you select is of the highest quality for your pet.
Once you hit upon the best CBD treatment plan for your pet, we strongly recommend establishing and following a daily regimen to help your pet realize the best possible results from the CBD program you created.

How Much CBD Does My Dog Need?

The amount of CBD your dog needs varies mainly upon its weight. Start with a measurement of about 0.2 mg of CBD per pound as a safe rule of thumb for the minimum CBD you should try. This means a 10-pound dog might start with a 2 mg treat while a 25-pound dog would benefit more from a 5 mg treat. If your dog responds positively to the new treatment, boost it by degrees until you are providing .5 mg of CBD per pound to your dog.


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