Paw CBD – Soft Chews – 600mg

  • 4 mg of CBD per chew
  • Broad-Spectrum CBD
  • Bacon & chicken flavored
  • THC-free, 3rd party lab-tested, products sourced from USA hemp

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Paw CBD – Soft Chews – 600mg


The Benefits Of Calm CBD

Your best boy or girl deserves all the support you can give them. Help soothe their stress with our CBD calming chews for dogs! These chews offer Superior Broad Spectrum CBD extracts for pets combined with premium ingredients that may help your dog manage hyperactivity. Calming chews are specially formulated to comfort your dog with the power of the essential amino acid L-tryptophan, which supports your dog’s mood regulation. In a soft, chewy (and tasty) package, these morsels deliver a one-two punch with the calming properties of CBD! Additionally, the herbal blend of chamomile, passion flower, and ginger root adds an extra layer of comfort.

Give your pet one of these chewy delights, along with an ear scratch and a resounding “Good dog!” to set them up for a happy, relaxed day. Even better, combine these calming chews with other supportive resources like CBD calming oil for dogs. A healthy CBD routine can include a variety of CBD products for dogs given to your pet throughout the day. The mouth-watering turkey flavor and the chewy, soft texture are a winning combination. Once they’ve tried these calming chews, your dog will come running every time you shake the jar.

CBD For Dogs | Paw CBD – Soft Chews 600mg


Your dog has all the calm support they need in this chew. L-tryptophan supports the creation of serotonin in your dog, which helps regulate a number of bodily processes. Combined with the powerful properties of CBD, L-tryptophan will help your pet stay peaceful throughout the day.


Some dogs struggle with signs of daily stress that can make them less than their usual happy selves. Maybe your dog is stressed by being away from you or the arrival of a new family member. Whatever it might be that keeps your dog from their happy-hound nature, these calming chews can help them get back to a place of relaxed wellness and confidence.


Your pet’s activity and movement are crucial to their overall well-being. Support your dog’s daily physical comfort with the ingredients in these calming chews and help them maintain their easygoing attitude in both mind and body. A daily wellness routine with CBD calming chews for dogs ensures they’re always ready for the next adventure!

CBD For Dogs | Paw CBD – Soft Chews 600mg


These products can work together as part of a well-rounded, diverse lifestyle for your pet. Therefore, CBD fits in perfectly to your dog’s daily life, anywhere between dog park visits, long walks, games of fetch, and snuggle sessions on the couch!


In conclusion, The soft, chewy texture of these CBD chews is well-suited to dogs with sensitive teeth. This might include smaller pooches or senior hounds that have trouble chewing harder goodies. The tender, palatable texture and yummy flavor ensure that this chew is all tasty goodness and no work for your furry friend.


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