Paw CBD – Cat Soft Chews – 150mg

  • 1mg of CBD per chew
  • Broad-Spectrum CBD
  • Easy on feline teeth
  • Feline-friendly taste of catnip
  • THC-free, 3rd party lab-tested, products sourced from USA hemp

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Paw CBD – Cat Soft Chews – 150mg


The Benefits Of Calm CBD

Cat kidney wellness is extremely important, especially as your kitty gets older. These cat kidney support chews allow you to give your feline friend all the whisker-licking goodness of a salmon-flavored chew. While taking care of them and promoting their overall health. This formula of plant-based ingredients is specifically designed to support kidney wellness. Our premium Superior Broad Spectrum CBD oil for cats works with these ingredients to help your cat enjoy their daily activities, like climbing the cat tower, chasing the laser, and snuggling with you!

The tempting salmon flavor and soft texture that’s easy on senior kitty teeth make these chews perfect any time of day. They can be combined with other CBD products like chicken and catnip soft chews for cats or catnip-flavored CBD oil. Give these kidney support chews to your kitty as a goodnight surprise so the CBD can help them relax and support their regular sleep schedule or first thing in the morning to start their day off right. But beware, your kitty might love them so much that they start waking you up earlier just to get their favorite salmon-flavored bite!


As our cats get older, they may experience problems with their kidney health and physical mobility. CBD can help your cat maintain their existing physical comfort. By supporting them with a daily regimen that includes CBD for cats and appropriate amounts of exercise, you give them the best chance of staying active and mobile into their senior years.


Our CBD kidney support chews for cats come in two concentrations so you can create the perfect CBD plan for your feline friend. Cats of different sizes need different amounts of CBD. So we have a formula for smaller cats (150 mg jar for cats under 15 lbs) and larger cats (300 mg jar for cats over 15 lbs). Since your kitty’s CBD serving size will be based on their weight. Think about their daily regimen when you choose a concentration for their kidney support chews. Cats need the same serving size of CBD each day. But it can be delivered in many ways – kidney support chews, CBD soft chews and CBD oil for cats.


Even the most chill cats can experience stress sometimes. Maybe it’s a visit from the neighbor’s dog that gets them worked up. Or a change in their environment, or even just boredom – many things can cause cats to display stress signals. CBD for cats with kidney support can help your cat manage these stressors and tap into their well of calm. A calm cat is a happy cat!


CBD kidney support chews for cats work best as part of an overall wellness routine for your kitty that includes daily play, fun toys and cat towers that encourage movement, plenty of restful sleep, and a healthy diet. Cats are smart, and they need a lot of mental stimulation. Giving them a variety of flavorful experiences throughout the day is one way to take care of their minds and bodies.


The chewy, soft texture of these CBD cat kidney support chews is easy on your cat’s mouth. Cats tend to have dental challenges, and sometimes tooth or gum sensitivity can make it difficult to enjoy anything hard and crunchy.


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